One day when I couldn’t talk the jailer into letting me interview my client one-to-one in the locker room, I had to use the interview room. Originally it had been built with a small pane of glass to look through and a metal mesh to talk through. Part of the glass had been cut out to make it a little more personal without jeopardizing security. I really didn’t like this place for talking to my clients. They couldn’t gesture, stand up, or move around. Looking at my client through the little hole said to me that this was what being in jail was all about.

Mark Marsh, a client of mine and prisoner in on a minor charge, agreed to pose for me, and the sheriff gave us the go-ahead. When I got through with the shoot, the jailer asked me if I had seen the drawings in “Left Main.” I hadn’t, so he showed them to me, and that prompted me to shoot the next photograph.
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