Big Tony was a Harley biker. He had organized a Harley club in eastern Lawrence County that was named “The Avengers.” At one time Big Tony operated a store on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio, where he sold Harley items.

I met Big Tony when he retained me to be his attorney in regard to charges against him, including felonious assault of a police officer near Chesapeake, Ohio. I also represented his girlfriend and another biker, the charges against them arising out of the same incident as the one that involved Big Tony. The jury acquitted Big Tony of the felonious assault charge but was hung on the other three counts. In an agreement with the prosecution, Big Tony pled guilty to one of the remaining charges on the condition that the charges against his girlfriend be dismissed. Big Tony spent about six months in jail as a result of his plea.

When Tony passes through town, he stops to see how I’m doing. Seeing the pictures around the office he once asked, “Hey Lloyd, don’t you want to take my picture?” So, it was into the studio, not only with Tony but also with Hazel (who’s a guy and don’t make a mistake and think otherwise).
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